What To Do In Split? Your Weekend Plan

Let us be honest, “what to do in…” is one of the most searched sentences in every new city we visit. Which makes total sense. When visiting a new place for the first time, we always want to get the most out of it, especially with time constraints. This is where we face the first difficulty: the sea of information. Today, we are writing you about the must-see places and sights you can fit into one weekend in Split because this city has a lot to offer.

  1. Diocletian’s Palace

Where to start? From the tour of Diocletian’s Palace, of course. For all you history lovers, this will be a real treat. Besides its exceptional natural beauty, Split is truly a city of magnificent history and rich traditions. So much is hidden behind the palace walls. It was originally built as a retirement home for one of the most influential Roman emperors, Diocletian,  and is more than 1700 years old. What is interesting about the palace is that around the Middle Ages it was transformed into a little town so today, within the Palace walls, you can find your new favorite coffee spot, restaurant, bar, or ice cream shop. Besides two museums you can visit (Split City Museum and the Ethnographic Museum Split) you can also see Diocletian’s Mausoleum and Palace Cellars, the Bell Tower, the Temple of Jupiter, and much more. The palace itself is a party of several hours. You will surely enjoy exploring all the passageways and secret little places you will come across.

2. Diocletians Dream

The next stop is the specialty museum – Diocletians Dream. Diocletian’s Dream is a virtual reality museum that takes you back to 305 AD and shows you the palace in its former glory.

VR Representation of the Palace

This is a 15-minute experience that tells you a part of Diocletian’s story in a new and original way by combining modern technology and ancient heritage in a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a perfect balance between historical sights and modern VR technology. Diocletians Dream opens a completely new perspective on the approach and presentation of cultural and historical heritage. Make sure to book your visit and do not miss out!

3. Riva

We must not forget “The Riva”. It does not count that you have been in Split unless you stroll along the Riva harbor. The Fabolous seafront promenade lined with palm trees, restaurants, and cafes all along makes you want to spend the whole day just relaxing and admiring the Adriatic sea from this point of view.

Photo source: www.booking.com

4. Sustipan

Walking towards the southwestern part of Split you will come across a small peninsula Sustipan. This one, you must not miss. The park is like an oasis of calm in a storm of crowded streets and beaches in the summer months. Oh, and the sunsets you will catch here – unbelievable.

Photo credit: lidija-photo.com

5. Ježinac and Kašjuni Beach

After all this walking and exploring, you deserve nothing less than a nice and relaxing swim. Not too far away from Sustipan, you will find two beautiful beaches Ježinac and Kašjuni. We cannot pick our favorite between these two, so we will let you pick yours.

Photo source: www.adriatic.hr

6. Marjan Park

Do you know what else you cannot miss? The Marjan Park. Amazing views and sounds of nature, great hiking trails, and climbing spots. From the locals, you will often hear that Marjan Park is Split’s version of NYC Central Park. In the city that is well known for its Diocletian’s Palace, this green oasis will most definitely surprise you as it is something so different due to its nature, peacefulness, and mystery. Ps. Make sure to wear some comfortable shoes.

Photo source: www.oh-split.com

Is Split worth visiting? Most certainly. Not only that it is rich in history and tradition, but it is also the second-largest city in Croatia and the one that offers you the gateway to some of the most sun-kissed islands in the area. If you have more than two days, make sure to visit at least some of them. You will not regret it.  

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