Rainy Day in Split

How to Spend a Rainy Day in Split?

A rainy day in Split doesn’t mean your day of exploring must come to an end. Quite the contrary – Split offers many indoor activities perfect for those damp days. From cultural museums to our immersive VR museum experience, there’s plenty to see and do inside. Here’s a guide to making the most of a rainy day in this historic city!

Visit Diocletians Dream: A Virtual Reality Experience

One of the highlights of Split’s indoor activities is Diocletians Dream, a VR museum that brings Split’s history to life. Located at the heart of the city, this VR experience allows you to explore Diocletian’s Palace as it stood centuries ago. All that from the comfort of a modern setting. It’s perfect for families, history lovers, groups of friends, or solo adventurers. The experience lasts about 15 minutes and is available in several languages (Croatian, English, German, Spanish, Italian, and French), making it more accessible to everyone.

Diocletians Dream VR Experience

Explore the City’s Museums

Split is home to several museums that show its rich history and cultural heritage. The Split City Museum and the Museum of Fine Art are just a couple of the treasures you can discover. Spend your day wandering through exhibitions and learning about the local legends, art, and artifacts that make Croatian culture so unique.

Enjoy a Taste of Dalmatia

Rainy days in Split are perfect for trying out the hearty flavors of Dalmatian cuisine. Dig into traditional dishes like brudet, a delicious fish stew, crni rižot (a striking black risotto made with squid ink), and pašticada, a special beef stew that’s slow-cooked with wine, prunes, and herbs.

When it comes to experiencing authentic Dalmatian dining, Split offers several traditional restaurants that are a must-visit. So, for a true taste of local food, check out Konoba Varoš for cozy, authentic meals, or Konoba Fetivi, famous for its excellent seafood. If you’re up for a meal with a view, head to Restaurant Dvor. It overlooks the Adriatic Sea, making it a great spot for a long, relaxing lunch or a romantic dinner.

These restaurants offer more than just good food. They’re welcoming and warm, making you feel right at home even on a rainy day. Whether you want a quick snack or a full meal, you’ll love the flavors and friendly atmosphere.

Attend a Performance at the Croatian National Theatre

If you’re in the mood for a bit of drama, check the schedule at the Croatian National Theatre in Split. The theater offers operas, ballets, and plays, providing a sophisticated escape and a glimpse into Croatia’s art scene.

Croatian National Theater in Split

Cinemas & Shopping Malls

For those seeking shelter from the rain, Split’s malls and cinemas provide the perfect retreat. Each shopping center features a cozy cinema for movie lovers.

Mall of Split and Joker Mall both house CineStar cinemas where you can catch the latest Hollywood and international movies. City Center One features a Cineplexx cinema, offering a diverse selection of films from thrilling action to family animations. Whether for movies or shopping, these malls offer a perfect escape from the rain.

Cozy Up in a Local Café

Last but not least, Split is filled with charming cafés that offer a warm refuge on a wet day. Enjoy the ambiance with a book and freshly brewed coffee or hot Croatian tea. Many Split cafés display local art and cozy décor, perfect for relaxing and watching the rain.

A rainy day in Split doesn’t have to bring you down. With numerous indoor activities like exploring Diocletians Dream VR museum, visiting cultural institutions, enjoying in local cuisine, a theatrical performance, or relaxing in a café, there’s no shortage of ways to enjoy the city’s indoor offerings.

So, put on your waterproof shoes, grab an umbrella, and get ready to explore all the exciting experiences waiting for you in Split!