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After touring the heart of Split's Old Town and seeing Diocletian's Palace as it is today, how about stepping back to 305 AD and experiencing the palace as it was more than 1700 years ago? Just visit Diocletian's Dream and enjoy this VR experience that brings Split history to life.

Diocletians Dream is Croatia’s first virtual reality experience, and it is one of the biggest attractions in Split. This is an attraction that combines modern technology and ancient heritage in a UNESCO World Heritage Site; it shows Diocletian Palace in the light and splendor of the former self.

This VR specialty museum aims to tell part of the Diocletian story in a new and original way that opens a completely new perspective on the approach and presentation of cultural and historical heritage. Through a 15-minute animated film with a script, Severin (Diocletian’s slave) takes you on a tour of the royal chambers and presents you with many fascinating facts about Diocletian’s life and reign as one of the Roman Empire’s most powerful emperors.

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By donning a high-tech headset, visitors can take a tour of the Diocletian Palace’s royal chambers, and learn fascinating facts about the eponymous emperor Diocletian.

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Diocletian's Dream: a Stunning VR Experience Bringing Split History to Life

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Bringing Roman streets, fortresses and squares to life through Virtual Reality